It's the Standard!

Does your Borchardt Bear have their Multiplication Facts memorized?

Here is a great website to practice the facts.  This site allows the students to take a multiplication quiz on the computer.  When they press finished, the computer will correct it for them!  They are also given the choice to print out the test too!


Test Prep

Here are some guidelines you can use to help your child prepare for tests, eliminate night-before panics, and lessen test anxiety:  * Before the test: On the day the test is announced (and provided that your child tells you about it), work with your child to plan a study schedule which does not leave everything for the last minute.  * Encourage your child to study “actively.”  Children who underline key words in the text (if this is allowed), take notes, and write outlines while reading are more likely to do well than those who merely let their eyes gaze down the page.

Click For Bullying Pledge:

Interesting Facts About BullyingResearchers note that if a victim fights a bully and the bully wins, this loss will only make matters worse for the victim.  Consequently, researchers argue that fighting back should not be encouraged.  Instead, the child should be encouraged to walk away and tell an adult if he feels someone is about to hurt him.  According to disability, harassment, civil, and criminal laws bullying can easily become a crime.

Friday ROAR!


You were spotted using your Life Skills!

Isaiah B.:  Effort/Perseverance

Christian E.: Responsibility



Bears Roar at Math Olympiad!

Concerned about your child's education...

These are the steps to take: 

1. Make an appointment to confer with your child’s teacher.  2.  Prepare for your conference by making a list of your questions or concerns.  Write them down.  3.  Present your questions or concerns to the teacher, then listen to what the teacher says in response.  Don’t hesitate to ask for explanations of any terms or language you don’t understand.

Safety and Security Parent Newsletter

Family Emergency Planning

Beyond the steps that your school and school district may take to prepare for disasters or

other emergencies, it is smart to create a personal Family Emergency Plan that can ...more

For Student Safety

All adults must be prepared to show a photo ID when checking students out of class.  As we become acquainted with parents and begin to know which students belong to which adults, we can relax on this requirement.  But, until we know who is who the photo ID is necessary.




Monday, August 3 First Day of School 

Thursday, August 6 Back-to-School Night 

6:00-6:30 1st-5th Session 1

6:30-7:00 1st-5th Session 2

7:30-7:30 6th Grade in Cafeteria (one session)

Wednesday, August 19 Common Planning Minimum Day

Wednesday, August 19 Rick's Pizza Night Fundraiser 



Go to Borchardt,

Go to College!!!

Sport your favorite college shirt every Common Planning Wednesday!

For the Safety of our Children...

Borchardt Bears wear tennis shoes everyday.

The Most Important Meal of the Day!

Breakfast is served daily from 8:00 to 8:20.

Every Friday is Spirit Day!

Wear your Burgundy and Blue with great pride.

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