It's the Standard!

Does your Borchardt Bear have their Multiplication Facts memorized?

Here is a great website to practice the facts.  This site allows the students to take a multiplication quiz on the computer.  When they press finished, the computer will correct it for them!  They are also given the choice to print out the test too!


Click For Bullying Pledge:

Interesting Facts About BullyingResearchers note that if a victim fights a bully and the bully wins, this loss will only make matters worse for the victim.  Consequently, researchers argue that fighting back should not be encouraged.  Instead, the child should be encouraged to walk away and tell an adult if he feels someone is about to hurt him.  According to disability, harassment, civil, and criminal laws bullying can easily become a crime.

Coming Soon to Borchardt

San Joaquin County Mobile Farmer's Market is coming to Borchardt on Thursday, February 18 8:45-10:30! Seventy families will leave with free fruit and vegetables. 


Watch D.O.G.S. is returning to Borchardt. Dads and other father figures, save the date for our Pizza Night on Thursday, February 25. 

Special Attention

As you drop off your children, please be sure to follow the guidelines below.

  • Drive slowly through the unloading zone, pulling all the way up to the drop off sign
  • Leave the drop off zone quickly and carefully (parents are not to stay parked in this zone when dropping off students)
  • Turn right when exiting the parking lot

If you would like to stay in the parking lot for more than a minute, we invite you to park in the parking lot and enjoy those last few morning moments with your child. 


WOW Museum comes to third grade


Elections 2016

Congratulations to Nazneen for winning the LUSD Spelling Bee!

Lunch with Administrators

Safe Web Search

Surfing the internet isn't always 100% safe for children. While google tries to manage safety, it may not be the best search engine for our children. We recommend you use the following search engines when searching on the internet. 

Search Engine - 

Image Search Engine - 


Lunch with loved ones

Teambuilding 2015


Friday, January 29-February 12 Mixed Bag Fundraiser

February 1-12 Kindergarten Round Up

Monday, February 8 Town Hall Meeting at Tokay High 6:00-8:00

Wednesday, February 10 Minimum Day

Wednesday, February 10 Rick's Pizza Night

Friday, February 12 School Store

Monday, February 15 Washington's Birthday - No School

Tuesday, February 16 ELAC Meeting 8:45-9:45

Thursday, February 18 Mobile Farmer's Market 8:45-10:30

Friday, February 19 Father Daughter Dance 6:30-8:00

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Go to Borchardt,

Go to College!

Sport your favorite college shirt every Wednesday!

The Most Important Meal of the Day!

Breakfast is served daily from 8:00 to 8:20.

Every Friday is Spirit Day!

Wear your Burgundy and Blue with great pride.

For Student Safety

All adults must be prepared to show a photo ID when checking students out of class.  As we become acquainted with parents and begin to know which students belong to which adults, we can relax on this requirement.  But, until we know who is who the photo ID is necessary.