Birthday Book Club


You have the opportunity to enroll your child in the Borchardt Birthday Book Club. This club was established to create a way of celebrating our student’s birthday and adds new books to our library at the same time. We have a selection of books available for purchase.  We will help your child pick out “just the right book” to be donated to the Lois Borchardt School Library.
The book will have your child’s name and date on the inside cover.  The Principal or Vice-Principal will present the book to him/her near their birthday along with a special gift. Once the book is presented to your child, he/she may keep the book for one week and then return it to the library.  Please explain to your child that this is a donation and the book will belong to the library.
The price of the book will be $10.00. If you would like to purchase a Birthday Book in honor of your child’s birthday, please fill out the form below and make a check payable to Borchardt PTA. Your child will select a book during their library time unless you would like to participate in their selection. If you choose to do so please make note at the bottom. 
Thank you,
Tricia Graddy
PTA President