House System

Eight Houses, One Family! 

At Lois Borchardt Elementary, we strive to assist our students to become not only academically successful, but to also be socially prepared for life after they leave our halls. The eight house system has been instituted to group staff and student, teacher and child, support staff and families together in a way that shows that all people at our school can help us grow into strong individuals. Each House has been named after essential life skills we teach our students every day. A color, an animal, and a life skills has been assigned to each group to unify their common goals. 

The Houses are:

Tiyaga- the Moose- Perseverance

Valor- the Lion- Courage

Tarkus- the Owl- Wisdom

Sonas- the Turtle- Optimism

Eticki- the Eagle- Integrity

Lealta- the Whale- Loyalty

Viribus- the Ram- Honor

Tosturi- the Elephant- Compassion

Each day, students are encouraged to display the life skill identified in each House. We dedicate every Wednesday to show our House pride by wearing our House shirts or colors. 


**House shirts- due to low supply and high demand, we are not accepting t-shirt order forms at this moment. Once we have done our inventory, we will be able to have a sale for what sizes and houses are available. Information for a new order time will come at a later date. Keep an eye on this page for any updates! 


*****Coming soon***** Links to pages for each House. There will be more information about the House, and images of past school events. Winners of the weekly House point tally will be posted on Mondays after our Morning Meetings in the quad.